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Welcome! Aniin! Hola! Bienvenue! Namaste! Ni Hao!

Thank you for visiting, I am looking forward to potentially working together!


Through in-person counselling sessions, my goal is to empower clients to live their best life. I pride myself on being able to create a safe and trusting environment where one can work towards their personal goals. With empathy, understanding and a non-judgmental space I aim to promote emotional healing and well-being. 


My personal style is said to be down-to-earth, genuine, and authentic, and I see therapy as an integrated approach with your goals at the center. To me, every person is unique, with varying needs and abilities. While I often gravitate towards a cognitive behavioural approach, the work we do is person centered and collaborative. Through a variety of therapy strategies, my goal is to help you reduce anxiety or panic, calm worrisome or negative thoughts, and help you to manage current life stressors. 

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